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Eyebrow Soap Gel

Eyebrow Soap Gel

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Lock Your Brows in Place

If you have asked yourself what need to achieve a natural wild eyebrow, our Eyebrow Soap Gel is the answer.
Give to your brows that bushy look and create a variety of shapes on them to enhance your beauty in one quick touch.
Make sure that your brows always look their best and last all day.

Natural Formula

The Eyebrow soap has a gel transparent texture and its formula from natural plant extracts, designed specifically for brows.

Includes vitamin E to add volume to sparse brows, Jojoba oil to shape them and beeswax that to attach perfectly onto skin.



How To Use:

  1. Spray some water to the brush head.
  2. Coat the moist bristles with brow gel.
  3. Brush out the brows gently in the same direction.
  4. Touch up with your favorite brow gel or powder.

Spoolie included.

This is your next must-have for brows! 🌸

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